On Adulting

Hi everyone,

I’m starting this blog mostly because I realized that I am completely and utterly useless at adulting. As in, at 27 years old I have absolutely no idea of how it works and what you’re supposed to do to get it right and even though I try my attempts are usually pretty pathetic. Still thinking I’m exaggerating? You’re talking to the girl who argued for a full minute she could take care of herself while proving herself wrong by walking into a hole literally 2 seconds later.

So if you feel like your life is messy, that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing half of the time and that you can’t even keep a cactus alive then this place is for you. And if you do have it all together and are successful at being a grown-up, well hopefully you’ll at least get a good laugh out of my adventures and come here to remind yourself that you are doing absolutely fine.