Cats and Pretty Lights (Weekend Recap)

This weekend started with the boyfriend arriving early evening on Friday and us crashing by 10pm. Rock and Roll you said? My excuse is that I have a cold and I’m not feeling all that well but really, it’s not uncommon. Work weeks are intense!

Saturday we were up early ish and I had a peanut butter and banana bagel for breakfast. No pictures, you know what it looks like! Then once we were dressed we headed out to explore my neighborhood a little bit and ended up at Cafe Chat L’heureux.

It’s such a cool concept – you can drink your coffee and have a bite to eat (all vegan) surrounded by cats. For a person like me who tends to overstress at everything and anything a little bit of cat therapy was just what I needed.

They have 8 resident cats all adopted from shelters in the Great Montreal area and then they have 4 kittens / younger cats who are there for a little bit of socialisation before going to their adoptive family. How fun is that?  The employees were also very knowledgeable about their proteges and willing to respond to all our questions.

We arrived quite early to secure a spot and spent about 3 hours there. It was hard leaving! You just want to stay and pet the cats all day and i’m not exaggerating when I say the boy had to physically drag me out when he’d had enough of my “just five minutes more!”.

After that it was time for our next adventure: The Lantern Festival of Montreal’s Botanical Garden.

For those of you who have no idea what it is, during Autumn Shanghai and Montreal collaborate to set up lights in the Botanical garden for the public’s delight. Every year has a different theme and this time, for the 25th edition it was “Between and Sky and Water and Dragons”. During the season it’s one of Montreal’s most popular and most photographed tourist attractions and boy, is that statement on point!

Luckily we had bought our tickets online beforehand and this was probably the best decision we had made all day. We arrived around 6pm right around the time when the night started to fall and the line was already intense. We skipped to the front and entered without any difficulty but when we were walking out about two hours later, we couldn’t even see the end of the queue – and that was only to buy tickets not to get to the garden itself.

Anyway, the first part is the Chinese Garden and the most impressive one, displayed around the dragon and its nine offsprings.

The second one is First Nations Garden with the Illumination of the Sacred Tree, a giant poplar representing the Circle of Life which, I think, is a symbol of the journey through the seasons and nature’s constant changes

And finally, you finish with the Japanese Garden which is supposed to be peaceful and calming but isn’t really when children are screaming and jumping around.

All in all we thought that the higher entrance fee (15$ for Quebec Residents and 12$ for students) was worth it considering the displays and the access to the Insectarium as well but it’s definitely a one time thing.

We got home around 9pm, and inspired by our day we ate dinner in front of Mulan because who doesn’t love a good old Disney? i certainly do!


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