Island Hoping in Hawaii

Alternative Title: no we are not on our honeymoon

The closest point to space on earth

This summer the boy and I spent two full weeks in Hawaïï and because I have gotten a few requests for our itinerary, I decided to do a full recap. I mean, who doesn’t want to see photos of sunsets and beaches when Autumn is so close you are starting to question your reasons for getting out of bed in the morning? I thought so.

Firstly, I won’t lie – yes it is expensive. The tickets were not though and that’s the catch because we’re (or at least I am!) the type of people to just book and think about the rest later! Well we did that for the flights and then in our hurry somehow ended up with two different accommodations for the first night and none for the last. Apparently good communication is a skill every successful grow-up possesses. Clearly by now you know that I don’t fall into that category.

Back to our itinerary: we chose to visit Big Island and Kauai as our main destinations and spent an additional two nights in Oahu before our flight back to Canada.

Big Island : 

Lava Flow at Kalapana

We spent a full 7 days there and it was only just enough. It’s a very active island and we absolutely loved it! It’s where the main volcanos are located and it’s a hiker’s paradise.

We stayed in Hamakua Guest House and I can’t recommend it enough – It had everything we needed from a cosy room to flashlights and despite being off the beaten track, it was easily accessible. You also are in the middle of a rainforest making it very peaceful.

  • 1st day: Botanical Garden and Akaka Falls
  • 2nd and 3rd days: Volcano National Park
  • 4th day: Sunset and Stargazing on Mauna Kea – You can’t access the summit with your rental car so we used Arnotts Lodge Tours. Our guide Lauren was fun and extremely knowledgeable. We weren’t disappointed and it was worth the investment.
  • 5th day: Waipeo Valley: we went down… and then up again. With an average road grade of 25% with peaks at 40% it was no joke because I mean, what’s better than feeling like you want to die on vacation right?
  • 6th day: Kalapana: watching lava flow straight into the ocean is a one time thing you don’t want to miss. We walked the 4 miles there and back.
  • 7th day: Exploring a Hawaiian village and flight out to Kauai

Kauai / Garden Island / The island that will make you sneeze and itchy like never before : 

The picture perfect Kalalau Lookout

Keep in mind that this island is 90% humidity so if like me you are prone to allergic reactions to mosquito bites on top of seasonal allergies, you might want to be prepared. Otherwise you may end up starting a hike only to find yourself 10 seconds later screaming for cover with an army of mosquitos following you while a certain someone else continues on peacefully unaware.

  • 1st day: Rest!
  • 2nd day: Waimea Canyon National State Park
  • 3rd day: Beaches, Kalalau Lookout, Kileaua
  • 4th day: Flight to Honolulu


Sunset over Waikiki

We spent our last two nights in Honolulu before flying back out to Toronto via Vancouver. Our first day we spent at Waikiki and explored the “Hawaiian Champs Elysées” and our second we hiked Diamond Head. If you do that, remember to take cash with you or you will have to go back to get some when you have finally stopped arguing over whose fault it is. Again, not like we’re talking about us or anything…

All in all a great holiday that i would recommend to anyone whatever you like doing on vacation. And why the title? Well apparently it is a place a lot of couples honeymoon in and we were constantly asked whether this was the reason for our trip – it was not but we got a lot of eye rolls when our answer was “it’s a ‘just-because’ trip”.

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